Last monday I woke up early to take a train out north from Barcelona and catch the sunrise from the water. My idea was basically to shoot some video footage for the first time while testing a waterproof Dicapac bag for my camera. And some pictures as well, of course. Anastasia was extremely sweet to wake up even earlier than me to go “test” something she didn’t know if it would be worth it.
I spent the previous week finding out how to record video properly with a DSLR and what I could use to edit the footage. I didn’t anticipate how complicated it is to try to frame a moving subject while I was moving as well (waves, of course), barely seeing anything through the plastic back from the bag, shooting in Cinestyle mode, but this is what I got.
I knew I wanted to use a piece of music I had recently discovered, “Vates” by Otto A. Totman, so I cut (painstakingly found my way through DaVinci Resolve as a total noob) the takes accordingly, hoping I’d find a way to get in touch with him and getting his permission to use the song. So earlier today he replied my twitter message and was super sweet about it, as there is no commercial intent here, only self promotion.

Long story short, I’m learning how to do video as well.

Update: Otto’s publishing company apparently does not agree with Otto’s decision, so I had to take it down and re-cut it to a new song that I just asked permission for. I cross my fingers.

Stay well.

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