Body sketches

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Maïlee, a french dancer living in Barcelona. She contacted me through IG, asking for some pictures she needed. Seeing her move in the set as if nothing else existed was truly beautiful. Watching her expressing herself through movement as language, with pure genuine passion was a good way to spend a saturday morning. I was mesmerised. I have a thing for the human body after all and I had seen some long exposure pictures of a moving nude so I thought it was definitely the chance to try it. White background, ambient light, push the ISO a bit, drop the shutter and voilà. I think I have definitely found a path, a new project.

I think these check both boxes in “beauty and simplicity”. They look like quick charcoal sketches, outlining a moving body, thus becoming anonymous and timeless. The simplicity of stripping everything to the essentials. Oh yes.

Stay well.



New beauties

Playing with juicy textures

Make up Cristina Casanovas
Model Belinda @sight management

Stay well




No words. The pictures speak for themselves, I think

Stay well.



Latest editorial

Some pictures of my latest jewellery editorial featuring Alicia Medina @lineup models have just been published at Solstice Magazine. Make up and hair were done by the always great Patricia Reyes @artist talents.

Now I’m busy editing other shoots I did last December, which I hope I can show here soon.

Stay well.



Goodbye 2020

What a challenging year this 2020 has been. First time to many things. But, personally, it hasn’t been my worst one. The one thing I most hate about this year is the lack of hugs, as cheesy as it may sound.

Let’s just hope that the tables will eventually turn on 2021 and one year from now we can have a different mood.

Still, 2020 has brought some good stuff, lots of personal closures and some new partnerships (my agency The Mushroom Co. for advertising commissions and my archive now licensed worldwide through Gallery Stock).

I keep evolving as a photographer and I’m looking forward to the future. That’s all I know for now.

Stay well.

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