Utopia Market

A couple years ago I took part in a weekend market in an amazing old factory in the outskirts of Barcelona, called Utopia 126. It was an amazing experience where you show up exhausted after the preparations, to be there for long hours to tell visitors about your work. I loved it... and I sold some stuff.

Last year that didn’t take place due to a global pandemic (not a good idea to gather thousands of people at that time), but this year I was offered a spot again, and I immediately said YES, out of the feeling I got from the other one (hundreds of people getting to see your art and appreciating it).

So this year I already had enough printed works to show up with, which made the whole thing easier. I had the frames and some new prints ordered and delivered, set up my stand yesterday and I will be there tonight at 7pm, when it will be open to the public.

This will be a fun weekend.

Stay well.

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