New campaign

It’s been a long time with no updates, mainly because of being busy and prioritizing other things over this humble blog of mine.

This is the new self tanning Comodynes campaign, shot in November 2021. A body and skin beautiful exercise with 4 models (faces and bodies) very gently proposed by the client, whose creative ideas are a pleasure to translate into images. Thanks for that!

As a curiosity, I did the retouch. Ok, nothing too fancy about that, but here’s the story: the body models were both brazilian... and both had THE SAME skin tone and the campaign was advertising a self tanning product based on opposite skin colors. The idea actually came from a shooting I had done when I was living in Munich, this one:

We had been casting dancers and yogis and who knows what for those roles but we couldn’t find a fit white woman and black man without tattoos, not too skinny, not too big, etc. So we stuck with Adriano and Vanessa. They got the concept immediately, brought great ideas and performed beautifully... but I had to do something about their skin tone. I didn’t think of capturing the whole retouch process but (of course) I always keep the layered TIFFs, so here’s what happened: 

Stay well.

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