Personal / Body Sketches

White background, ambient light, push the ISO a bit, drop the shutter and voilà. Unreal, smoky forms isolated in the frame are unveiled. These body sketches, outlining a moving body, thus becoming anonymous and timeless, check both boxes in my “beauty and simplicity” motto. The simplicity of stripping everything to the essentials; the beauty of serendipity. The blur between reality and the shapeless world, hidden while the camera shoots, only to be discovered later on with childish excitement.

Unlike „Journey to the shadow“, where the images are carefully composed and the dark tones richly render a scene or an idea, here I let the model and the camera’s shutter speed „decide“ what’s going to be the final image: charcoal-like strokes waiting to be discovered, fanciful accidents given by pure chance. I literally have no idea what I’m going to get (she’s improvising as well) and it’s a quite satisfying exercise, perhaps because lately I am just letting go and trusting whatever comes, on a personal level. It’s „time“ in a picture, space occupied by the subject’s moving body for maybe half a second.


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